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Monday, August 21, 2006

Hiking/running near Point Reyes, Marin - 12 miles

Headed up to Northen California, well, Marin County, north of San Francisco at least. Julie had a hike she'd wanted to do near Point Reyes.

On the way we stopped for the "restroom" at the Marin French Cheese factory and ended up having an early lunch. We ate far too much bread and excellent cheese. This place is very nice indeed and is perhaps the most European feeling place I've come across in a long time (though it felt more English than French).

We arrived at the popular Point Reyes trailhead somewhat late but were soon on the way. The first couple of miles were uphill but after a while it levelled off so we ran for a bit to make up for our late start. We eventually we emerged on a hilltop to be rewarded with sea views.

We wended our way, well we ran, along the trail to the beach. I was pretty soon totally captivated by the sea birds. Huge things in flocks with big bills, which I later discovered were Brown Pelicans. They would flap their wings once or twice and then glide like a haunting flying machines in formation, seeminly preferring to glide just above the sea (where they get better lift).

More seabirds...
Seabirds at Point Reyes

Lush greenery near the coast (snapped by Julie!)...
Coastal Hike near Point Reyes

Turning inland once again we ran a couple more miles. Julie had explained it was all downhill from here. It may seem that way hiking but as we ran we were very much aware of the gradual uphill! It was getting a little dark when we got back but the trail was wide and easy going so it wasn't a problem.

A very enjoyable hike/run and a great bread and cheese lunch to start with!


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