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Sunday, July 02, 2006

football & shopping - new bike, REI but no wetsuit :-(

I arrived at the Fandango Casino in Carson City to watch the England football game. Was pretty disappointed in Rooney and it was a great shame to lose on penalties (again). The way they played after Rooney was sent off showed they were capable of more.

After the disappointment I went shopping. I tried to buy a triathlon wetsuit at Strictly Scuba but the girl there had never heard the word triathlon before and they seemed to have about 2 wetsuits in the entire store (I didn't do much better at REI later - they only had one).

I spent the requisite hours hanging out at Randy's store (College Cyclery) chatting with the folks there, test riding my new bike (Bianchi Volpe - surperb), having it 'fitted' and all that. Lolly introduced me to the cafe next door, which is great - can't believe I've missed it before (she was keen to keep popping in to check on the soccer).

After leaving Randy's I hit REI again and bought a few bits and bobs. Then tried to track down a wetsuit. I finally discovered Eclipse Running but only after they had shut - through the window I could see a few Orca suits hanging up (I will have to go back one day).

This being my rare big city shopping trip I also took in Trader Joes, a wholefood supermarket which has some great stuff.

Quite an expensive day.


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