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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cycling kingsbury-Luther (Snowed Off)

I headed out to meet Scott at the bottom of Kingsbury Grade about 5:40am (!). It was windy and cold and you couldn't see much of the mountains.

I was a bit late so i tried to make up some time but I was heading into the wind so it was tough as well as cold. A few miles out from Kingsbury Grade the snow came down hard and icy. I got a call from Scott and he turned around to meet me about a mile out from the Grade. I was quite relieved, I had been mentally preparing for him to say something like, 'it's a little cold' but instead he suggested we turn back. As we headed back, looking for an alternative cycling route for the morning, the snow got more widespread and bigger, though less icy.


After a short time we gave up and headed back to Scott's house and then for a coffee at Pony Espresso.

It's funny to get such weather at this time of year but it's nice to live in a mountain region where anything is possible. Scott said there is only one month of the year that he hasn't seen snow.

Here's my neighbourhood a little while later with Kingsbury in the background...


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