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Monday, May 08, 2006

Run/hike Faye Luther Trail (8.5 miles)

I needed some hill training so I set off to run the Faye Luther Trail. It was hard going. Even the gradual incline before the big climb, was hard because of several inches of sandy decomposed granite (DG?) under foot.

Faye Luther Trail - Spring 2006

The main climb was very steep for running but I persevered, though took the wrong path several times. At around 2 miles I came upon a rocky outcrop I was familiar with and continued on, running when I could but walking the steep bits. I crossed a couple of rivers before the path started getting vague as I approached the snow line. I decided to try and reach the snow but didn't make it. The path had vanished and the going was extremely tough. I slipped and slid my way back towards a familiar path, nearly falling over badly a handful of times. The DG was hardwork and there were loose rocks over it too.

Faye Luther Trail - Spring 2006

I was pleased to re-emerge at a stream cascading gently over some smooth granite (Kathryn would have loved it I think). A great place to sit and tip the DG out of my boots and wash my feet. It was a lovely spot, I wish I had bought my book and some drinking water. With 4 miles to run back I didn't want to linger for too long. Especially since, judging by the other wildlife I'd seen, I'm sure the Black Bears must be awake again by now.

Faye Luther Trail - Spring 2006

Faye Luther Trail - Spring 2006

It was a real treat running through the spring. I saw some interesting flowers, a lot of little lizards (very quick), chipmunks, hawks, and - running water in the sierras!

Faye Luther Trail - Spring 2006

Running back the 4 miles was nice too. Gradual downhill most of the way, with the added motivation of a water bottle stashed in my car.

I drank 2 litres straight down, and although that weighs about 4lbs alone, I was still 3.5lbs lighter than when I started. It's hot out here! But actually, not too hot today, thankfully there were clouds but you still get through lots of water it seems.


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