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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Camping at Buckeye (Bridgeport)

Had a mad dash to get ready after work for a weekend's camping. I eventually got moving just before 6 and arrived at Bridgeport around 7.10pm in time for the pre-race carb-loading dinner. Dinner was ok and provided an opportunity to get a bit of local knowledge about local camp grounds. The one I had planned was at a nice spot in the woods near some hot springs. Unfortunately the river is so full at this time of year that the modest springs in the midst of it was completely washed out (Tony had warned me of this).

I eventually found the camping spot I used before, after several miles on dirt roads. I got my new tent up quite quickly, though I regretted that Mountain Gear had skimped on the pegs and there were not enough for the guy lines. Otherwise though, the Haven 3 is a great tent. It's green, feels HUGE and has a discrete back door (great escape route if a bear comes around the front!) and it weighs just under 6lbs.

I didn't sleep all that well and it was colder than I expected, though I should have thought it through, I was camping not far below the snow line at around 7,500ft. I was considerably more confident about bears during the night on account of my newly aquired bear spray (pepper spray which shoots 30ft for 7 seconds, it claims!).

I still find Buckeye to be an amazing place to camp, even without the hot springs.


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