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Sunday, February 05, 2006

House sitting & dog minding at 7,500ft

Nick asked if I'd like to house sit while he was away. It wasn't a hard decision, the house is great, Asher (the dog) is indeed "super easy" and the location is awesome. You can snow shoe right from the back garden on to the Rim Trail for about 13 miles before you come to a road.

Here's the ridge the house is on, though a few miles west of here (I took the shot from the plane last time I flew to San Francisco, I think you can see Sand Harbour down there and a frozen Marlette Lake).

There's some snow around the house. I had to have a lesson with the snow blower before they left!

The neighbours have some cool toys, like this snow mobile.

Snow shoes are a bit less technical but are great and make for a fun walk!

A nice spot for a walk.

Asher getting on well in the snow.


Thankfully we only came across small wildlife (no bears or mountain lions).


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