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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sol communicating hunger

I was trying to cook Sol's dinner last night whilst he was quite hungry. He made a few motions towards his high chair but I managed to ignore them so he hung around my legs as I tried to cook. By 6.15 he was pretty eager to eat and wandered over to the nappy bag, opened it and pulled out a bib and wandered back across the kitchen trying to put on his bright yellow bib. What a very communicative little boy (he usually resists the bib!).

I said to him earlier in the day 'have you got poo pants?' and he said 'yeah'; and I said, 'shall we change your nappy?' and he said, 'yeah'. Quite impressive!


At 4:56 pm, Blogger Dave said...

Sounds like he's as smart as his Mom and Dad, maybe even smarter!

We had a nice Thanksgiving with a lot of the kids in our new Phoenix condo. Thought about the Thanksgiving you spent with us in Minden. Seems like a long time ago!


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