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Monday, July 05, 2010

Sol took 2 steps!!


Sol took his first steps today, walking from Abuela to Mummy!

He seems to understand quite a lot of spanish too, though he looks at me funny when I speak spanish (probably knows it is very poor Spanish!).

He seems to be almost able to say some words:
- MA MA means 'More'
- Dee Dee, is me!
- 'At' is cat
- 'Mu Mee' means everything
- 'bir' means bird

He understands a lot more words though:
- manos
- abuela
- get down carefully
- mummy
- daddy
- bird
- pajero
- cat
- water
- milk
- shoes (as in 'Don't touch the shoes!!!')
- kiss
- hands
- various fruits (English and Spanish)
- brushing teeth
- brushing hair
- put the lid on the jar
- close the fridge
- give a kiss to baby doll

Favourite books:
Nightime Maisey
Wide Awake Jake
Honey Hills Noisey Day

In the night garden - with iggle piggle (who he waves at)

He also hates going to bed at night and screams for a long time.

Oh and he squeals with delight when he gets to the swimming pool (a full body shake!).

He also waves at the flowers in the garden, since Abuela taught him to wave at the flowers instead of pulling them (he pulls them when nobody is looking).

And today he got his first pair of real shoes!


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