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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Poo - just like london buses, you wait days and then three come at once (or, the tale of 3 poos)

We've been a bit worried about the absence of poo from junior. He had not passed anything from that exit for 5 days. Convenient on the nappy changing front but nonetheless worrying.

Well tonight we thought we should have a go at bathing. Per instructions we started by cleaning his head, then removed his nappy. WOW he POO'D !!! Great! But now we are not in our usual nappy changing spot so he wrong footed us.

Still upset from his unusually clammy bum - he has only done about 4 poos in his whole life - we proceeded with the bath plans.

The bath itself involved him laying in a kind of sling/seat to keep his head up whilst parents fretted.

He seemed to prefer being dried after the bath in a hoody bath towel someone had bought us. He seemed quite content and relaxed in here and looked so cute he probably remained in there precious seconds longer than he should have.

As we proceeded to begin to dress him we were surprised to see a further big brown delivery in the towel. To be honest we were still pleased to see any of the brown stuff after the dearth.

With a deep breath we started our second clean-up operation, during which a third delivery presented itself, as if from a toothpaste tube.

Despite the inconvenience it was quite nice to see him relaxed and sleepy after his adventure, though he clearly didn't take to water like a duck.


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