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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cambridge - A Cycling Demonstration City (have snorkel will cycle)

I took this photo of a cycle way in Cambridge today. I don't really mean to criticise since this is a little used route but it looked pretty impressive. I've actually been quite impressed by the flooding of late since it seems to have been planned for. Houses which normally flood are dry and some fields seem to have been deliberately given over to the flood plain, which is a great idea.

Much less impressive for our 'Cycling Demonstration City' has been the lack of any gritting or salt on the cycle paths and footpaths around cambridge. In places there has been 2 or 3 inches of thick encrusted ice over the whole road which is difficult to walk or cycle over. Ironically, the safest way to cycle at the moment is to stick to the bus routes. This is safe because the roads are gritted but doing this puts more cyclists into the main routes used by cars. Like most cyclists, I would rather cycle down back routes which keep me away from the bulk of the traffic so this is not ideal. It's certainly not what you would expect from a Cycling demonstration city

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