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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The Secret" - AWFUL

I was very pleased that Maribel had a copy of the DVD entitled "The Secret" and we sat down to watch it on Friday.

The basic premise of "The Secret" is that there exists a "law of attraction" and if you are positive and wish hard enough you attract to yourself whatever you want.

I had hoped this movie would be about the power of being positive and how just being positive can allow great things to happen in your life. It turns out that the film is really not like that.

The film focuses on the power of being positive so you can get stuff. It shows footage of a boy who wants a bike and who really thinks about the bike, draws pictures of it and longs for the bike. One day and old bloke shows up and gives him the bike.

The film advises that if you want a Porsche you need to really think positively about owning the Porsche. You need to extend your arms and imagine yourself driving the car and you will end up getting it.

One example in the film was of someone who wanted millions of $ so he took a $1 bill and wrote $1,000,000 on it and stuck it on the ceiling above his bed and you know what? He had an idea that got him a $1,000,000.

If it is not bad enough that this is mystical clap trap the thing that really gives me the creeps about this film is that it is all about getting stuff, like that is some worthy aim. The film lets you understand that you deserve this stuff.


As if that is not enough there is an implication in the film that anything that goes wrong in your life is attributable to your lack of positive thought in the past.


Yes I believe that being positive is important but it's a bit sad if your only motivation in being positive is to get STUFF.

I am deeply disappointed with this film - go watch something else!


At 7:33 am, Blogger Tony said...

The book sucks even more. It sounds all good, warm and fuzzy when you read it, but then you realize it's a load of crap.

I can honestly tell you this, Carl: having everything you want is not good; less is better. I've come to this realization now...and I haven't even hiked the PCT yet. :-)


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