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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Price of petrol (US: Gas) - $8 per US Gallon in the UK

David and I were discussing the relative cost of petrol yesterday. I thought it about time I worked it out properly.

In Cambridge, 1 litre of unleaded now costs, on average, £1.04 (52% is duty, 26% is the price of the product, 15% is VAT (sales tax) and 7% goes to the retailer.

There are 3.79 litres to the US Gallon and the exchange rate is currently £1=$2.03. So, the price of petrol (gas) in Cambridge in the UK, in dollars, for 1 US Gallon would be $8.

The current price of gas in Nevada is $2.99. Converting that back to UK units, that would be 39p per litre.

Interesting. I guess this is why we have smaller cars over here in the UK! Gas is 2.7 times more expensive here than in the US.

Needless to say, it would be better, much better, if the price of gas was at this level in the US too. That would provoke some change!


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