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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PCT shopping

I hate to think of how much i am spending to save a few ounces.

Today's equation looked a bit like this:

Sleeping bag
- old down bag (still excellent condition) - 3.5lbs
- new down bag - 1lb 9oz ($300)

- old Macpac (also excellent) - 5.5lbs
- new Gregory Advent pro - 2lb 14oz

The guys in the Sporting Rage are brilliant. On my first visit I just checked everything out and made a list. In the interim I went to the REI because I had a gift voucher for there. I couldn't believe how poorly stocked the REI store was. None of the main ultralite stuff I wanted was in stock, not the rucksack, not the sleeping bag, nor the rain coat and not even the PCT books I need. The staff were helpful but I couldnt wait for the store to order it all in. By contrast the Sporting Rage had all of the top quality stuff I was looking for - the right pack, with some good alternatives; the right sleeping bag and best of all, great advice from people who know their stuff. I took my old sleeping bag in there and they said it was great and I should use it, until I told them I was doing a 2,000 mile trek and then they admitted that saving over 1lb on the new bag was probably worth it.

I then tried to buy some Tyvex at Home Despot but I could only buy 165ft of it and I needed 6ft to make a groundsheet from. It's great stuff - the guys told me to go to a building site and ask for some. So tomorrow i need to look for a building site!


At 8:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't something that REI has failed to stock the high end stuff! In 98' I went to a new REI in Sacramento. I couldn't believe all the gear selection that was no longer there!!. Then I was wisk away to the Online computer kiosk where I was told I could order it...This is why REI has added nearly 30 stores since than...Only stock what really sells..Oh buy the way we are getting one here in Fresno in September..actually can't wait since the independent store (read diverse sports store) is lame and has PO alot of people. the last outdoor only shop closed 2 years ago..

John in Fresno


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