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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Heading off soon to do the PCT

I'm very jittery about the amount of things still left to do before I find the simple life on the trail and try to hike 2,000 miles from Agua Dulce to Canada.

I'm planning to meet up with Catra in Agua Dulce, 454 miles into the PCT (I couldn't start earlier because of sorting things out with GE). Catra's PCT blog shows her progress. Catra is a famous ultra runner who is going for the record on the PCT. I had also thought about doing the PCT and when my plans changed, and when Catra's fastpacking hiker dropped out after 2 days, it looked like a good opportunity.

Of course, Catra is an elite ultra runner who holds various records, not least on the John Muir trail. What makes me think I can keep up with her for 30-40 miles a day is frankly beyond me. All I know is that I'm a pretty determined person and like long distance travel with a nice clear goal and daily progress towards it.

My plans have to cater to the fact that I may well not keep up with Catra. I hope to do so though, particularly over the first section of the hike which is in the Mojave desert.

This weekend I need to organize food for the trip (mostly oatmeal, powdered milk, nuts, dried fruit and peanut butter). Thankfully there seems to be quite a PCT 'scene' so there should be lots of people around and opportunities to find food at least every 100 miles.

My friend Sienna (and her husband Scott) are going to support me. Sienna is a Wilderness First Responder and both her and Scott are long distance runners who are currently getting fit for the Tahoe 50/50 (50k). I will send their details, and those of Catra's support guy Jerry, to my family.

OK better go shopping.


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