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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cyclocross Training

Mel took us out lunchtime to show us the right way to mount and dismount a bike when doing cyclocross. The dismount was pretty tricky but after an hour we'd done a few and it seemed ok (Scott had done this a lot before).

The dismount involves uncliping your right foot and swinging your leg over the left of the bike, leaving your hip resting on the saddle (this looks a bit like you see when people scoot along with one foot on a pedal on the pavement). The next step is to grab the top tube of the bike with the right hand. Then you move your right leg to the ground in front of the pedal as you unclip the left leg, step forward, pick up the bike and run. It sounds awful but it works ok really.

Getting back on the saddle is also an art. You run along, have your hips facing the saddle and then fling your right leg over so your weight lands on your thigh. Then you slide on and pedal. This sounds easier than it is - the pedals really need to be in the right place to do this fast.

I was quite surprised to have managed to learn all these new skills in just an hour. I think it may take another 20 years to perfect them though!


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