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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Isaac is crawling and climbing, meanwhile Sol is singing and even eating

Isaac has been crawling for about a week. Just before that he discovered how to move but in typical baby fashion could only go backwards at first. Then he was defeated a bit by having slippy knees on a laminate floor which slowed his progress a little. Eventually though, well rather quickly, he was making forward progress. Unfortunately he has taught us a new trick. About the same time he took to hauling himself to standing on a bewildering array of objects. It goes like this. Isaac starts crawling. We look away. As we look back he is standing, hanging on to something (sometimes even a sheet or something draped over a chair). He smiles, wobbles, falls and then bashes his head on the floor. Poor thing. He does seem to be addicted to standing up though so we're having to keep a very close eye on him now.

Sol meanwhile has been speaking much more Spanish since our Spanish friend Laura has been staying. He decided she had been here so long she should be called Tia Laura (Auntie Laura pronounced Tia Lauria).

Sol has also started singing to himself. 'It's raining its pouring the old man is snoring'; also twinkle twinkle little star, and 'super duper' (to the tune of Abba's Super Trooper). He also unwillingly and rarely sings 'Get down, Get down' (Jungle Boogie) since we made a song into his demands to get down from the dinner table. By all accounts though he doesn't much like this. As I write, at midnight, we can hear Sol singing Twinkle Twinkle little star on the baby monitor, and ba ba black sheep before that - sleep singing?

He is a bit bashful when asked to perform his greatest hits but he did sing us 'It's raining it's pouring...' at the weekend for which we gave him a medal, which he seemed pleased with.

Sol has uncannily now started to eat more readily. I wonder if this is as a result of seeing his rapidly enlarging younger brother put everything he can find into his gob (2 crayons during breakfast one morning was not unusual).


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