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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Switch to 100% renewable energy with one phone call

I've been a fan of Good Energy for a long time. Most energy suppliers have some sort of 'green tariff' but it is really only Good Energy, a small company in Wiltshire, that supplies electricity from 100% renewable sources.

If you sign up from my recommendation, quoting offer code: 2001460 you will get £25 off your first bill and I will get a £25 finders fee. You can call them on 0845 456 1640 to sign up.

The more individuals sign up for renewable energy, the more demand will be demonstrated for this means of supply and perhaps we can all start doing something about climate change just by changing our consuming habits.

Good Energy are also actively promoting Micro Generation.

They can even supply your gas and have an interesting take on doing that.

So, why not think about doing something about climate change and reducing your carbon footprint from just one phone call? Good Energy costs a little more than energy from other suppliers but it is really not that much different.


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