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A blog I started whilst on a GE "Bubble" assignment in Nevada. I'm back in Cambridge (UK) now but still miss the desert and my friends out there.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

David MacKay on R4

Simon told me he'd heard David MacKay on R4 (about 1m30 in)


David is very clear as usual. The fluffy individual from the sustainable energy commission on the other hand, does rather seem to have her head shoved firmly up her arse (but judge for yourself!).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr Monbiot on the Police...'Printing Police Lies'

Printing Police Lies

A good read.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

BBC on Police Kettling Tactic

Writer and director Zia Trench thought she might visit the G20 demonstration in the City of London earlier this month.
"I wasn't sure if I wanted to protest, but I thought I'd check out the demonstration, and show my face for half an hour," she said.
"As I walked out of Cannon Street Tube I literally found myself facing a line of police. When I asked if I could get through, the police refused. They then moved me down the street towards the Bank of England."
There, Ms Trench joined a growing group of protesters corralled within a circle of police in the square in front of the Bank.
Held by the police within the circle for up to seven hours, the protesters found themselves trapped.

BBC on Police Kettling Tactic - is this how we want our Police to behave?

More on the G20 protest from the BBC

This speaks for itself.

Interesting article about the IPCC too...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on the G20 protest and police action

On thing to keep in mind when you watch these videos is that the Police have 'kettled in' or ring-fenced the protesters (and some people from the general public) such that they could not leave. It is hardly surprising that people being held in this way without water for 8 hours might get a bit frustrated.

I find this Police action outrageous.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

G20 Protest

With all eyes on the G20 protesters the media made a lot of very little trouble from the protesters. The idiots who look for trouble when they are protesting really annoy me but for the most part I respect people who show up and defend our right to protest. I'm sorry I wasn't at this protest.

I was disappointed by the near universal condemnation of the protesters and sympathy for the Police from the Radio 4 Any Questions program the following weekend. It seems that everyone believes it is all about the protesters being dangerous or potentially dangerous.

Only now is it beginning to emerge quite how outrageous the Police tactics were that day - see Metropolitan police chief launches inquiry into G20 protest tactics | Politics | The Guardian and the videos linked from there.

I really fail to see how people holding up their hands and chanting, "this is not a riot" are lining themselves up for a beating by Police.

It seems a new law has been passed to make it illegal for us to photograph the Police. Luckily a few have violated this law or we would not know how outrageous their tactics were. Some were even photographed hiding their badges. Is this the sort of Police we want?

A million people protesting in London against the Iraq war were not heard. This has put a lot of people off exercising their right to protest. I'm sure Kettling tactics and Police violence will have put off even more people.

Shall we just hand it over to Gordon and let him do what he likes?

We can sit at home and watch the telly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heros: Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs bloke)

I can't help being impressed with Kevin McCloud and his enthusiasm for the Grand Designs whilst maintaining the ability to speak frankly, "that looks crap"!

What a decent bloke who I'm sure is really in to his subject.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Knock once for yes, twice for no...

Baby kicking has reached new heights. I spoke to the belly and asked it to knock once for yes and twice for no and got three kicks in return! Ear to belly I could hear a very strong heartbeat and putting my fingers on top you could see them move with the baby heartbeat - I guess she had her back to us.

In the morning the kicking spree was stronger than usual with something pokey near the surface too - a hand or an elbow I expect.

Quite fun!

The routine of singing Spanish songs to the belly at night continues... (poor thing).